Port-Error:Connection Closed
The line dropped because the exchange side closed the connection. This is only a problem if there is a high number of these errors.

This means that the connection was ended by the user, either by powering down or disconnecting the router. This could also mean that there might be a problem with the equipment.

The router closed the connection.

You will only see this in the connection logs on two instances, either the incorrect password was entered or the account was locked.

Admin-Reset: [*]
The connection has been reset as requested by admin or console

Lost carriers occur when the client end (your computer) of an internet connection disconnects without a user request (the user has not chosen to disconnect using standard disconnection methods). The telephone exchange then tells our access server that the call has been terminated, the client’s session ends and is recorded with “Lost-Carrier”. The most common cause of a Lost-Carrier is noise or weaknesses on the phone line.

If your domain is hosted with us and you are using mail.domainname.co.za to retrieve email – your smtp server should be mail.domainname.co.za

If you have a @boost.co.za address you should be using the following pop/smtp details:

Our pop3 server is : mail.boost.co.za
Our smtp server is : mail.boost.co.za

Authentication should always be turned on.

If you are using a BOOST ADSL account, your smtp server should be : mail.boost.co.za